Gala photography in Las Vegas: Walter Hoving Home

We get to do some truly rewarding work from time to time. Doing the gala photography in Las Vegas for the Walter Hoving Home is one of those times.

Transforming lives for 49 years

When drugs and alcohol shatter women’s lives, the Walter Hoving Home is there.  In fact, the home has been transforming women’s lives for over 49 years. The organizers asked us to do their Gala photography in Las Vegas for the second time.  We certainly said yes.

The programs help women become free from addictions, and help women take control of their lives. To put it another way, the Walter Hoving Home makes an impact on society. We had deep satisfaction doing the Gala photography in Las Vegas for them.

Rebuilding broken lives with support and love

The first thing to remember about the Walter Hoving Home is the abundance of care. A warm bed, daily classroom study, and a structured environment is the starting point. And with attention to faith-based learning, the program works at building winning attitudes for troubled  young women.

Above all, the Walter Hoving Home is open to every woman in need. In six or twelve months the program rebuilds broken lives and transforms women. The programs curriculum is its cornerstone. In fact the learning center curriculum teaches the power of love, healing damaged emotions, and handling conflicts. But that’s not all.

Life changing principles

In order to bring out the best in every woman, the program centers on the potential of each individual. At the same time the focus is on the giftedness of each person. Together these principles bring light of self discovery, through the discovery of faith.

To put it another way, the program teaches we should work at being the best we possibly can. In a word, the Walter Hoving Home is about love.

Gala photography in Las Vegas: Capturing moments making a difference

The gala’s participants had a wonderful evening of fellowship. Of course the great food was a bonus, and Baseball legend Darryl Strawbery’s keynote speech was certainly the highlight. The “Sounds of Hope” Choir sang beautifully. But as soon as the crowd heard a program graduate’s powerful testimony, the true purpose of the event was clear. She provided the most compelling evidence of Walter Hoving Home success.

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