Non-Profit Event Photography: Thank God For Israel Night

Non-Profit Event Photography: Thank God For Israel Night

Thank God For Israel Night was on December 7, 2017. We were privileged to be able to do their non-profit event photography. This event was coordinated by the Jewish National Fund and the Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry which is a worldwide Christian Ministry. They work to spread the word about the Messiah and Israel while showing solidarity with the Jewish community. Featured guest speaker Tremayne Smith, Caravan for Democracy Mission Participant was there as well. Named one of the “40 under 40” by East Carolina University, he currently works as a full time assistant on Capitol Hill. The event was held at Southern Hills Baptist Church of Las Vegas located at 6425 West Pebble Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89139.

It is so refreshing to see people of multiple faiths coming together in solidarity. No motives or anything selfish involved. Just people coming together to show that they support one another in their hardships. Willing to help the people of the Jewish faith fight their battles. There were people of all ages and backgrounds in attendance that night. It truly felt as if it were a very unique and special event. After having such a national tragedy in Las Vegas, we felt hope in the air with this event.

United in Kindness

Non-profit event photography can often have us attending some rather interesting events. While none are ever bad, this was an event born from a love for our fellow man. Las Vegas is something of a melting pot for all the races, faiths. These factors seem to divide people more than they bring them together. This time, it seems those differences are important for growth.  It was really great to see a diversity of people joining together in kindness for each other. We are so glad we were able to participate in this with our non-profit event photography. It was so incredibly rewarding to be able to witness such a great way for fellow Las Vegas residents to come together. Bringing about a very real and positive change, not just for our country but the world, in general.

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