Las Vegas Expo Photography: The TradersEXPO

We were recently able to do some Las Vegas Expo Photography at the Traders Expo which was held by Money Show at Bally’s Las Vegas. It was an event to help traders learn to make better decisions and be able to meet and speak with other traders. Money Show themselves is a global financial media and education company. Tom Sosnoff from Tasty Trader, Todd Gordon from Trading Analysis and Scott Connor from TD Ameritrade were there as well as many other traders with top-notch advice and years of experience to help others up their trading game. There were keynote speakers, panels and businesses were there. All hoping to help educate and expand the knowledge of those who came to the Traders Expo at Bally’s.

Capturing the information exchange

Las Vegas Expo Photography can be somewhat tricky. With the lights, crowds and so many things going on, you need a professional that knows how to capture the mood of the event. There are always lots of speakers and panels to capture.  Not to mention getting the mood of the crowd and any vendors that are present. Candid photos of people browsing the tables and having deep conversations with people they just met are one of the best ways to really get the overall feeling of an event. We enjoyed being able to photograph everyone sharing their knowledge and expertise with one another.

Traders Expo: Las Vegas Expo Photography

It was great to walk around and see all the conversations between people. Some of whom seemed to have no real connection except for their passion for trading. Seeing all these people come together in order to broaden their horizons and learn about trading was very interesting. People from all sorts of backgrounds and places were here in this one place to talk about trading. It was a great thing to be able to document through our Las Vegas Expo Photography.

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