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Seminar Photography in Las Vegas – About the Event

TOBI stands for the Orthobiologic Institute. This was the 8th annual PRP and Regenerative Medicine Symposium, Workshops, and Cadaver Labs. Every year, the TOBI PRP Seminar is a huge success. I was so honored to do this Seminar Photography in Las Vegas. It took place between June 8th-10th, 2017. It was located on the Las Vegas Strip at the Wynn. The event had 500 clinicians, researchers, professionals, and more. They all came to learn and teach cutting-edge research and the best practices in this medicine.

What the Program Consists Of

The 2017 program consisted four main parts: workshops, cadaver labs, a symposium, and live streaming. The workshops taught people basic science and techniques that they weren’t aware of before. Then, the cadaver labs let them take what they learned in the workshops and use it for some hands-on experience. This is always a vital part of the learning process. The symposium taught people about the new research that is available. It also made them aware of any protocol updates. Finally, people could participate in the seminar online through the live stream.

The Best Features of the TOBI PRP Seminar

Here are some reasons why people attended:

  • Learn from experts with over 25 lectures to choose from
  • Take part in panel discussions and debates
  • Participate in Q&A interactions
  • Network with 500 like-minded people
  • Connect with vendors in order to see the latest medical products
  • By attending workshops and labs, you could then receive certificates of completion
  • Enjoy world-class Wynn food served at all the breaks, meals, and receptions
  • Become more confident in your career choice

Overall, the TOBI PRP Seminar was an incredible place to do some Las Vegas Seminar Photography. Therefore, if you missed this year’s event, make sure to attend next year!

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