Outdoor Trade Show Photography in Boulder City: Anteris Alliance

Outdoor Trade Show Photography in Boulder City: Anteris Alliance

Recently, we were asked to do a bit of outdoor trade show photography in Boulder City. The event was the 2018 Try & Buy Event on January 21, 2018. The event was hosted by Anteris Alliance and allowed those in attendance who were qualified to touch, handle and fire the weapons at the event. There were plenty of special presentations and cutting-edge technology for all who came that day.

The Try & Buy Event allows vendors and buyers to come together and really get to know one another. Here buyers can handle equipment and try it out, all while being able to ask questions to the vendor and get familiar with the item. This gives buyers a rare opportunity to become familiar with the item before buying it.

Guns & More

The Try & Buy Event was held at the Pro Gun Club at 12801 Old U.S. 95, Boulder City, Nevada 89005. There were many tables and lanes for anyone that was qualified to handle firearms to try anything out. The weather was just right for this outdoor event. It wasn’t too breezy or cool for everyone to enjoy the day. It was a bright, sunny and clear day in the desert.

Every vendor was very polite and knew their product well. It was great to watch them speaking with potential buyers and showing off their best products. Some might assume a trade show filled with weapons would be unsettling, but each person knew weapons on a professional level that was very reassuring.

It was extremely interesting to see all of the different types of weapons and gear. These people are professionals that know exactly how to handle each item, so it was fascinating to watch them in action. There were weapons of every shape, size, and color. While there were quite a few weapons, there were also items you can wear. There were different styles of vests and protective wear for buyers to try out as well.

Many of the gentlemen in attendance seemed to already know each other, but many seemed to be making friends with people they met for the first time. It was great to watch the professionals talk about those things they are most passionate about. Each person was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. It was a very interesting event and it was nice to be able to do some outdoor trade show photography in Boulder City.

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