Las Vegas Convention Center Photographer: AWFS Fair

Las Vegas Convention Center Photographer: AWFS Fair

Being a Las Vegas Convention Center photographer is always interesting. There are so many different types of conventions that come through Las Vegas. On July 17-22, 2017 we were invited to photograph the AWFS Fair at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The AWFS Fair is the Association of Woodworking and Furnishing Suppliers Fair. It is an international trade fair with exhibitors from the entire home and commercial furnishings industry. It also includes those that create and distribute lumber, machinery, hardware and other supplies to those in the industry. There are also educational seminars as well.

The Las Vegas Convention Center is located at 3150 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109. The Central Hall there was jam packed with booths and vendors from all over, ready to show off their latest and greatest items. Some were there to showcase their latest technology while others had endless supplies for anyone in the furniture or cabinet making industry. There was also a lot for those in millwork manufacturing and customs woodworking. Businesses big and small could find something of interest at the AWFS Fair.

A Woodworkers dream

There were all sorts of things to see at the AWFS Fair. Fascinating exhibits showcasing modern advancements allowed attendees to watch the professionals use their latest tools to carve and create. There were power tools designed to make working with wood much easier and more efficient. There were many safety measures in place to make sure everyone was safe at all times, while also being able to see and experience all that the fair had to offer. Some booths allowed attendees to actually use their items so that they could get a feel for how well their items worked. Once they saw how easy to use it was, many were ready to buy.

There were also large interactive screens in which to experience the vendor’s product. Some had robots that could make jobs easier or more efficient. It was all extremely fascinating for us to photograph. Milling through the booths with the attendees was a very interesting experience.

If you are going to be holding a convention at the Las Vegas Convention Center or perhaps just have a booth at one, we would love to help. Our convention and trade fair photography can help showcase your products and give you excellent promotional photos.

We would like to thank the AWFS Fair for allowing us to be their Las Vegas Convention Center Photographer.

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