Exhibit Booth Photography: UJET CES 2018 Las Vegas

Exhibit Booth Photography: UJET CES 2018 Las Vegas

We were invited by UJet to do their Exhibit Booth Photography at the 2018 CES Convention. They had an amazing booth set up to showcase their foldable electric scooter. UJet was really wow-ing all those in attendance at the CES Convention this year. While there were other scooters there, theirs really stood out. The convention was on January 8th through the 10th, at the Las Vegas Convention Center located at 310 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109.

The CES Convention is also known as the Consumer Electronics Show. This is where manufacturers and developers get to showcase their latest gadgets, gizmos and futuristic ideas. You just never know what sort of products you may see there. It’s where you can go to see the tech trends of the coming years and the products of the future.

UJet did a great job of catching everyone’s eye with their scooter. There were quite a few convention-goers that seemed to fall in love with the UJet. There were so many smiles and excited conversations around the scooter. The people from UJet were there to answer everyone’s questions and let potential customers try out their scooter. Who wouldn’t want to sit on a scooter that looks as though it’s from a sci-fi movie? It’s so very enjoyable to do exhibit booth photography with innovative companies.

Exhibit Booth Photography at the 2018 CES Convention

The CES Convention had many different futuristic and fun scooters, but the UJet definitely wowed the crowd. We had such a great time capturing all the smiles and excitement at the UJet booth. Exhibit booth photography is always interesting, but this was extremely fun for us. We enjoyed looking at everything that the people from UJet had to offer. Their stark white background and pure lighting made our job much easier. With such a great booth we captured quite a few excellent photos.

It was great working with the people from UJet and would love to work with them again in the future. Helping spread the word about such an amazing product is an honor and a privilege.

We also would like to point out that we are an approved photography vendor for the Las Vegas Convention Center. We would love to do your exhibit booth photography at your next convention. It’s great photographing your booth and product, providing you with photos you can be proud to share.

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